What is a refurbished iphone?

What is a refurbished iphone?

A refurbished iphone usually comes from store exposure or returns. For example, a customer can send the phone back during their return period. Returned items cannot be sold as new, so usually, companies offer these as refurbs. All equipment is subjected to extremely strict technical inspection by specialists to ensure that they are 100% functional at all levels like the battery, display button, network, and wi-fi.  

There are some cases where the refurbished phone is returned due to a technical fault and then repaired by expert technicians to ensure its 100% functional. Most people are wary about ordering a refurbished phone, but there’s no need to worry! All equipment is subjected to extremely strict technical inspection, clean and tested. Besides this, we give you 365 days warranty and 14 days as return period.

As well as being kind on your wallet, ordering a refurbished phone is also great a big help to prevent hundreds of tons of electronic waste each year. 

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